We Stand Against Heroin kicking off education program during KidShow at the Great Lakes Mall

Terry Mowery listens to the police scanner every night and just about every night he hears multiple calls for possible overdoses.

“We need to attack this horrible drug,” he said of heroin.

Mowery, president of Lake County Juvenile Diabetes Walk Family, said there are a lot of good groups who help with the recovery side of addiction, but he wants to see more groups on the education and awareness side.

“Too many kids have lost their lives,” Mowery said.

We Stand Against Heroin aims to help on that side of the equation. Mowery teamed up with members of Jim Belding Monuments in Madison Township.

“The only way heroin will release its grip on our community is if We Stand Against Heroin to push it out of our community, neighborhoods, schools, and families,” the group states on its Facebook page.

They’re kicking off their education program March 25 at the KidShow at the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor. Starting at 2 p.m., the group will be near the food court distributing nine pieces of literature about heroin.

Some will discuss things like how heroin affects the brain. Another will discuss the consequences, which affects friends and family in addition to the user.

The group is planning on having a presence at public events throughout Lake County like fairs and parades to distribute information about “all forms of the heroin epidemic.”

“We need to get information into the hands of kids and parents,” Mowery said.

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