Top 8 Diet Mistakes to Avoid during Weight Loss

Are you frustrated with your weight loss diet? You might think you are following all the diet rules but in reality you may be causing your body more harm. Read on to  find out more about the 10 common diet mistakes fitness enthusiasts make when on a weight loss diet.

Neglecting resistance training

Crash dieting contributes to muscle loss. So fitting in your favourite dress might be easy but you’ll still be flabby. Moreover, once you are back on your regular diet you are more prone to putting on weight again. Secondly, dieting will reduce your food intake and in turn lower your metabolism. So, it is imperative to add resistance training to your fitness schedule.

The Weighing scale

Stop focusing on the weighing scale and start looking at yourself in the mirror. You might have lost 5 kilos and gained 5 kilos of muscles after exercising, your weighing scale may not show any difference here. But in reality you have actually lost weight and chances are you might fit in your clothes better.

Cardio exercises

Cardio is seen as one compulsory form of exercise for weight loss, but experts suggest that one should concentrate on accelerating their metabolism instead. So concentrate on activities that will not only help you get burn calories but also burn them for a longer time, even when you are not working out. Interval training and resistance training are your best bets as they boost your metabolic rate.

Shunning breakfast

Your body has fasted for eight hours while you were sleeping, so it craves food. If  you avoid breakfasts your body starts to break down muscles to draw energy. So remember to eat breakfast it you want to burn calories.

Studies also reveal that a healthy breakfast stops you from overeating later in the day, enabling you to make healthy nutritional choices throughout the day.

Using artificial sweetener

Sweets can affect your waistline and opting for artificial sweeteners may not be such a good idea. Studies suggest that many zero-calorie sweeteners are fake and can cause more weight gain than actual sugar. These artificial sweeteners confuse your digestive system and compromise your ability to burn calories, thereby increasing food cravings.

Depending on weight loss pills

There is no substantial evidence to prove that diet pills aid in weight loss. The only people who lose weight with the help of diet pills are the models in the advertisements whom you never see in your entire lives. So stop choosing shortcuts for weight loss and opt for healthy ways, which might be tougher in the beginning but will give you foolproof results.

Eating like a sparrow

Skipping breakfast and eating very small meals in the day makes your body crave for food and by the end of the day you will overeat dinner. So, eat healthy, balanced meals throughout the day.

Eating out

You need to pay attention to your food, if you want to lose weight. Depending too much on restaurant food, however healthy it is, will cause weight gain. Instead, try making simple healthy salads at home and then move on to other complex meals.


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