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Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved! Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels

by Donna Ker Leesley, Researchers Find Main Source of Pain in Blood Vessels & fibromyalgia fatigue symptoms Researchers have found the main source of pain in Fibromyalgia patients, and contrary to what many believe, it does not stem from the brain. The findings mark the end of a decades-old mystery about the disease, which many doctors …

New Cannabis Patch To Treat Fibromyalgia And Diabetic Nerve Pain Revealed

Cannabis has been used as an all-purpose homeopathic remedy for centuries. Over time, evidence suggests that the plant was an herbal remedy for psycho-neurological disorders, breast cancer, rheumatism,  sexual disorders, and painful complications related to childbirth. Now, this ancient tool has a new, modern application. A cannabis patch is in development for patients with fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain. Cannabis for …

What is the Difference Between Lupus and Fibromyalgia?

Lupus and fibromyalgia are rheumatic disorders that share some symptoms and can be experienced concurrently by patients. Despite this overlap, lupus and fibromyalgia are distinct conditions that every patient will experience in his or her own way. In cases of lupus, the patient’s tissues, joints, and organs are attacked by the immune system. Fibromyalgia sufferers …

The effects of Fibromyalgia in the eyes..Please share this information

The effects of fibromyalgia in the eye. please share this information Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that causes chronic physical and mental problems, including pain, fatigue and psychological disorders. According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, symptoms include sleep disturbances, headache, sensitive skin, dry eyes, dizziness, incoordination and vision problems. The effects of fibromyalgia impact on the …