Puppy Found Alone In Car Almost Overdosed On Heroin

Now he has the sweetest little girl to take care of him ❤️

Lucky was clearly sick and in distress when police officers found him. They’d been called to arrest two men who were switching price tags at a store in Texas, and when they arrived at the scene, they also went over to check the suspects’ car. That’s where they discovered heroin — and a tiny puppy, around 3 months old.

The officers suspected that Lucky may have ingested and overdosed on the heroin.

“He was extremely lethargic — almost comatose — and was basically limp,” Jolene DeVito, police media specialist with the Carrollton Police Department, told The Dodo.

Stacie Fowler

The police quickly contacted Carrollton Animal Services, who rushed over to retrieve Lucky and take him to get the medical attention he needed at the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic. They knew if they didn’t act fast, the poor little guy might not make it.

Once he arrived at the vet clinic, Lucky was tested for possible opioid exposure, and the test came back positive. He had a low heart rate, low body temperature, was extremely close to respiratory arrest and could barely even lift his head. The vets at the clinic see overdose cases like Lucky’s at least once a shift, and luckily, they knew exactly how to handle it.

Stacie Fowler

“We administered a dose of a medication called Narcan that is a reversal for opioid overdose,” Dr. Stacie Fowler of the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic told The Dodo. “He responded very positively with improved mentation (more alert) and improved breathing and heart rate. After about 24 hours, Lucky had returned to normal. He had a few fleas but otherwise seemed healthy.”

Everyone who worked with Lucky was shocked and overjoyed at his speedy recovery, and he was soon transferred back into the care of the Carrollton Animal Services.

Stacie Fowler

Once Lucky was no longer drugged and suffering, he turned into the happiest, most upbeat little puppy you could ever hope to meet. He loved playing with the shelter staff, and was so overjoyed to greet everyone he met.

“Lucky is a typical Chihuahua puppy,” Angela Shaw of Carrollton Animal Services told The Dodo. “A little dog who thinks he is the size of a German shepherd. He is happy to meet new people and nip their noses.”

Angela Shaw

Once Lucky was ready to be adopted, the adoption center got such a huge response from people wanting to take him home that they decided to hold a lottery for potential adopters. On the day of Lucky’s lottery, tons of families showed up for their chance to take the special little dog home. Everyone got a chance to meet and bond with Lucky — but one little girl immediately stole his heart.

Angela Shaw

The little girl came with her grandparents for their chance to adopt Lucky, not really expecting to win. She and Lucky quickly fell in love with each other, and when she and her family didn’t win the lottery, the person who did knew what he had to do.

“There was a gentleman who actually won the lottery drawing but didn’t want to take the puppy from the little girl,” Shaw said. “So he quietly gave the ticket back and slipped out the door. She was very excited about her new puppy.”

Angela Shaw

Lucky had an incredibly rough start to life, but now he’s found the perfect forever family, and will never have to worry about being in danger ever again.

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