Prosecutor Marijuan asked to investigate Cristina Kirchner in the case for "the route of money K"

Marijuan gave the opinion to the federal judge Sebastin Casanello, in charge of the file;Accuses her of being co-author of the crime of money laundering

Prosecutor Marijuan asked to investigate Cristina Kirchner in the case for "the route of money K"
Prosecutor Marijuan asked to investigate Cristina Kirchner in the case for “the route of money K”. Photo: Archivo / Fernando Massobrio / LA NACION

Federal prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan today requested Cristina Kirchner’sindictment in the case for the “K money route,” court sources told the Tlam news agency.

Marijuan delivered today the ruling to the federal judge Sebastin Casanello , in charge of the file. In this case the entrepreneur Lzaro Bez , among others, is investigated for supposed maneuvers of money laundering.

The Federal Chamber had asked Judge Casanello and prosecutor Marijun weeks ago to investigate jointly the former president, Baez and former Planning Minister Julio De Vido .

Bez has been detained since April last year in the framework of this investigation. Casanello must decide whether or not to accept Marijuan’s order.

According to the prosecutor’s ruling, the ex-presidential couple and Baez were “partners” in a “criminal affair.” Marijuan asked that the former head of state be investigated as alleged co-author of the crime of money laundering.

“The former President of the Nation, Cristina Elisabet Fernndez, can not deny, in any way, the numerous links that demonstrate his inexorable criminal society with Lzaro Antonio Bez, and his contribution was not only to decide the business that fired the funds As it has been proven in the cases that are processed in the courts and have been explained, but also had to ensure that all maneuvers were kept in reserve, “said Marijuan in an opinion of 65 veneers to which Tlam agreed.

Marijuan said that both during the presidency of the late Nstor Kirchner and his wife there was an “incidence of political power of the highest level”, demonstrated in the absence of “alerts of national official bodies – Central Bank of Argentina, Financial Information, Anti-Corruption Office, etc.- or even the Banco de Santa Cruz. ”

“No public official, no control body, not even a notary public suspected that a former bank employee, just a simple monotributor, in a few months deposited millions of dollars by window, had more than a dozen boxes of Security, mobilize exorbitant sums of money through their accounts, or acquire hundreds of properties, “he warned.

The prosecutor understood that “the link between the laundering maneuvers and the irregular adjudication of public works that benefited Lzaro Antonio Bez and his business group, along the presidential mandates of the Kirchner-Fernndez marriage (2003-2015 ), Demonstrate the quality of “partners”, actually co-authors, who maintained the former presidential marriage and his personal friend, the aforementioned Lzaro Bez.

And he remarked that “this delictual link persisted after the death of Nstor Carlos Kirchner, with the same and continuous behavior of Cristina Elisabet Fernndez.”

The request for an inquiry was made before federal judge Sebastin Casanello, who will have to decide whether to make him a place or not, in the case for money laundering in which Bez is detained and in which the procedural situations must now be resolved after a new Round of investigations to 27 accused, among them the four children of the prisoner, Martin, Leandro, Luciana and Melina.

Marijuan asked the former president’s inquiry after the Buenos Aires Federal Chamber urged the magistrate and the prosecutor of the case to deepen the investigation to determine the origin of the money that was “laundered” in the companies of Baez, like Austral Constructions, during the Kirchnerism .

“It is clear that if Cristina Elisabet Fernndez formed an unlawful association to contribute decisive governmental functionality essential for the adjudication of the works and the mass of money that solved them, along with other people among whom was Lzaro Antonio Bez? , With a key role in the management of these funds – this leads, necessarily, to affirm that it also participated together with the one named in the money laundering actions that are investigated here, “said the prosecutor.

What happened, warned the prosecutor, “can only be understood as carried out under the protection of power, hence that Cristina Elisabet Fernandez by his link with the named must give explanations and therefore, give an investigation.”

For the prosecution, there was an association between “Kirchner-Fernndez-Bez and his business group” with “a primordial purpose in the emptying of the coffers of the National State through the orchestrated fraud through the irregular allocation of public works in favor of Lzaro Antonio Bez And his business group “.

And this gave rise to “the application of the money thus illegally obtained in different maneuvers in order to conceal its origin”, something that can be proved, according to the prosecutor, “with the accumulation of pseudo commercial links and also personal” between the former president And Baez in the “plan devised to extract millions of dollars from the treasury of the State, through this irregular and millionaire allocation of public works.”

The former president is tried and sent to trial in the case for the sale of future dollar at the end of her government, was prosecuted as alleged head of an illegal association in the cause “Los Sauces” and has a request for inquiries in another cause , “Hotesur”, by the federal prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita.

Also it is processed in the investigation by the address of the public work in favor of Bez in Santa Cruz during Kirchnerism.

The prosecution for future dollar was already confirmed in the Federal Chamber and Judge Claudio Bonadi sent her to trial.

In relation to “Los Sauces” and the irregular public work in Santa Cruz, both prosecutions are under study of room I of the Federal Chamber of Commerce that has to decide whether to confirm or revoke them.

And Pollicita’s request for an investigation into the “Hotesur” case, for fictitious rents to beneficiaries of public works belonging to the Kirchner-owned hotels, must be resolved by federal judge Julin Ercolini.

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