Well, this calls for a celebration!

Football player Devon Still has confirmed that his five-year-old daughter Leah has beaten cancer.

Leah’s dad, 26, took to Instagram to share the incredible news.

He wrote:

“With Leah finishing her last treatment last night, I can really say my daughter BEAT CANCER! Words can’t describe how proud I am of this girl. No matter how hard it got or how painful the treatments were (and it was pretty bad a lot of the times) she never gave up!

“I want to thank everyone who followed us as I documented her fight on social media. The amount of support we received was beyond amazing! I can honestly say that you all made a big difference. Every time we received bad news or felt like it was coming to a point where we couldn’t fight anymore, I would go to the comments you all wrote cheering us on and it would make us fight so much harder. I ask that since Leah’s fight is at the end that you follow other family’s journeys and cheer them on just as you did us!

”My advice to any family going through this battle: No matter how hard it gets, no matter what the doctors tell you, always remain positive! Speak victory into existence. Give your child’s fight with cancer a purpose. Use it to raise awareness so that you can help all kids fighting this disease. No matter how big or small your platform/following is, you will reach that one family that just needs to know they’re not alone in the fight so they don’t give up.

“Drop to your knees every day and pray. I was never a big spiritual person but I always believed in God and knew who to turn to in the time of need. Keeping faith that God will see you through doesn’t make the battle easier but it makes winning possible! It gives you back the hope that is stripped away from you every time you watch your kid endure the pain from the treatments and the bad news you often receive from doctors.”

In June 2014, Leah was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer, prompting Devon to put his football career on hold. His team, the Cincinnati Bengals, showed their support for the defensive tackle by selling his jersey and donating the proceeds from the sales to pediatric cancer research.


Devon’s been sharing Leah’s journey using the hashtag #LeahStrong; in July, the father/daughter pair took home the Jimmy V Award at the ESPY Awards and months later, in November, the father-of-one told fans his daughter was in remission with no signs of cancer.

We’re so happy to hear this little fighter’s story has a happy ending!

You’ll remember … Leah stole hearts not only in the football community, but around the world during her battle … attending her dad’s games and helping to raise thousands of dollars for cancer research.


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