Cannabis Seeds and How to Find Good Ones

Cannabis Seeds Rule at the Spannabis Weed Show in Barcelona


Cannabis seeds, one of the hottest niches in the cannabis space outside the USA, are trading across the globe in great volume now.   Why would we say outside the USA?  It is illegal to ship cannabis seeds into the United States so the seed business that is booming across the globe, doesn’t get a lot of coverage here in America.

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To give you an example, at most US cannabis shows there is hardly any seed banks or seed producers with booths.  At Spannabis, the largest cannabis show in Europe held once a year in Barcelona, there were over 100 seed banks with booths.

Why so many and how do you differentiate between a good cannabis seed and a bad cannabis seed.  We did an article you can read here about cannabis seeds and what to look for when you get to buy them.

big buddha seedsTo answer the first part of the question on why there are so many seed banks with large and expensive booths?  There is BIG money is seeds.  At the show, seeds sold for 9 or 10 EUROs each, so think $10 a seed.  After speaking off camera with multiple seed banks, the cost per seed for them is about a penny, or $0.01.  You can see that the margins are HUGE in the seed niche.  Another factor is that there really isn’t much difference between seed suppliers, as per one source, 90% of the seed banks get their seeds from the same massive supplier in Europe.

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After that, it just becomes a marketing game, as seeds are basically a commodity.  One Blue Dream seed is the same as another, and another, and another.

Hardest seeds to find and what the real strain hunters were after?  Landrace cannabis seeds.  Hard to grow and hard to find with all the cloning that is going on in the world. sat down with Alchima seeds and got to see some of the
actual flowers they have grown with their seeds.  Let’s take a look and see what makes a great seed.

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