Are You Worried About Your Cholesterol on a Low-Carb Diet?

Is High Cholesterol Dangerous on a Low-Carb Diet?

Is high cholesterol dangerous on a low-carb diet? For some people, the “bad” LDL cholesterol goes up, while other aspects improve (like the “good” HDL cholesterol). So, both good and bad changes at the same time.What does that mean? How should situations like that be handled?

Here’s the start of my interview with the fantastic Dr. Sarah Hallberg, from the recent Low Carb Vail conference.

What We Don’t Know About LCHF and Cholesterol

Can a low-carb diet be bad for your cholesterol?For most people eating low carb may only be a good thing, even for their cholesterol, raising the good HDL cholesterol and improving triglycerides. But MAYBE for some people low carb has negative effects. There are a lot of things we simply don’t know yet.

In her recent Low Carb Vail presentation Dr. Sarah Hallberg – of TEDx fame – talked about what wedon’t know about LCHF and cholesterol. You can watch a segment above. Transcript

Do All People With Heart Disease Have Diabetes?

Do all people with heart disease have diabetes? Diagnosed or not?Could blood sugar and insulin tests be more helpful than cholesterol tests at predicting risk of heart disease?

That’s what the now retired 94-year-old doctor Joseph R. Kraft believed. He discovered a very strong link between heart disease and diabetes type 2. And it may be that he was right.

Dr. Jeffrey Gerber talked about this in his presentation at Low Carb Vail in February this year. You can watch a segment above (transcript).

Is LDL Cholesterol Inherently Bad?

Is LDL cholesterol – the “bad” cholesterol – inherently bad? And if so why do our bodies create it?Above you can watch a segment from Dr. Cate Shanahans recent presentation about it. Transcript

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