6 Cures To Nerve Damage | A Complete Guide To Help You

Nerve damage can cause nerve pain which can be of longer period of time. It takes months or even years to treat nerve damage. Causes of nerve pain include injuries, diabetes and side effects from drugs.

There are a number of natural cures available that are helpful in treating nerve damage. Pain in the nerve is one of the symptoms related with a number of other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, HIV and shingles.

Nerve damage is a life changing and devastating medical condition. Nerve pain can cause immense discomfort. Patients suffering from nerve pain also face depression, sleep problems and anxiety. Severe cases of nerve damage include prickling, numbness, tingling and loss of reflexes.

Top Natural Cures for Nerve Damage

Warm Bath

warm bath

Taking a warm bath is beneficial for the treatment of nerve damage. It is one of the simplest and cheapest methods available that provide relief from nerve pain. It is helpful in increasing the flow of blood in the legs.

This remedy is also helpful in reducing the stress caused due to nerve pain. Make sure to check the temperature of water so that it may not burn the skin.

Capsaicin Cream & Botanical Oils

capsaicin cream

Capsaicin cream is useful in the treatment of nerve pain. It can lead to improvement of pain in the nerve. It should be used carefully as it may cause burning sensation when applied.

Botanical oils are useful in treating nerve pain. These oils can be massaged over the affected area to get relief. Geranium oil is helpful in reducing the pain associated with prostherpetic neuralgia. Similarly, lavender oil is also beneficial in the treatment of nerve pain. This natural remedy helps in providing relaxation to the mind as well.

Magnesium Oil

magnesium oil

Magnesium oil is useful for the patients suffering from nerve pain. It can be applied directly on the affected area. Another method is to add Epsom salt in bath water.

Taking bath using this water helps in restoring magnesium required by the body. Massaging the affected area using essential oil has been found to have soothing properties.

Heat and Ice

heat and ice

Both heat and ice are beneficial for the patients suffering from nerve pain. Heat is helpful in relaxing the nerves while ice numbs the nerves. Heat can be applied using a heating pad.

Take crushed ice in a bag and remove air from it. Heating and cooling the affected area using these methods for about twenty minutes each is recommended.

Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are helpful in the treatment of nerve pain. These are rich in anti-oxidants helpful for treating nerve pain. Tomatoes, carrots, turmeric and raspberries are some of the fruits and vegetables that can be consumed and are helpful for the health of patients.

Those having problem of diabetic should limit the consumption of fruits and should take more vegetables as compared to fruits.



Tocotrienols are useful in treating nerve pain. These lie in the family of vitamin E. These are useful methods in repairing the nerves. Consumption of hundred milligrams of tocotrienols three times per day is recommended. Delta tocotrienol has been found to be the most active form of tocotrienol.

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